New Tonga Eruption

This just in from my dad Steven Gates:

I am at tongatapu airport…. just flew in from vava’u, and pilots pointed this out. Apparently it just popped up today! Near Hunga Tonga… you can see it in the photo. approx coordinates S 20º 27′ 73″ W 175º 25′ 61″ given to me by the pilots. These are probably the first photos of it. The pilots said the earlier pilots said nothing, and these guys just saw it for the first time this flight.

Photos by Steven Gates

9 thoughts on “New Tonga Eruption”

  1. As a geology student at The Open University in the UK I much appreciate your post. To be there when it happens ! And in the S Pacific rather than , say, iceland. Luxury.



  2. Hi,

    I heard an eruption occured on the island of Tofua. A frriend of mine is there by himself and I can’t get in contact with him. Do you know if it’s true? Any news about this?

    Thanks for your answer

  3. Hi to Steven and Reinaert,
    I am very curious about a feature that can be seen in the foreground of the vent area in “image1” of Reinaert: there are 3 lines of (probably) smoke. Could you please send me the picture in a higher resolution to
    A big thanxx in advance from Munich, Germany.

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