read it used to be a great website where you could find the best content on the internet. The way it worked was that people submitted links to a ‘new page’ and everyone voted on them. The highest rated stories would then get displayed on the reddit homepage. It worked because there weren’t that many people on the site. The average user like myself would read all the good stories, then get bored and read all the new stories. Then we would vote on the new good ones, resulting in more good content. It was simple.

The website grew and grew, until pretty soon there was too much new stuff on the ‘new page’ to keep up with all of it. People like me stopped voting. The quality of content suffered noticeably. And then it sucked.

I suggested in Nov of 2006 that they put some of the new links on the reddit homepage so people like me would continue to vote on them. That way the content wouldn’t suck. No one tried the idea. And the content continued to suck.

But today, the reddit guys have implemented a similar idea. New links are shown at the top of the reddit homepage. So maybe there’s hope that reddit could be great again. Or maybe it’s too late. I won’t be clicking on any of those links. If I did click one, it would probably suck.

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